Spanish for Foreigners Level C1
180 Hours of Content + 4 Hours of Conversation
3 Months to Complete your Studies
Access to the Campus with Chat, Boards and much more.
160 minutes of Skype Lessons with your Teacher or 4 hours in 3 months.
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Coming soon
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What will you learn with our courses?
- Correct grammar and spelling of the Spanish language
- Start expressing yourself in Spanish or improve your speech if you
already have a level of Spanish
- Acquire all the necessary skills in Spanish for whatever purpose(s) you desire
Spanish as a foreign language is positioned as one of the languages to learn in order to compete both professionally and commercially. In this way, deepening your knowledge of the Spanish language offers
numerous benefits for the interested person, which broadens their range of job and training opportunities.
Therefore, the more a language is known, the greater the range of opportunities open up for working with it.
About the Course:
24x7 Access to the Campus
Tutor to attend all your doubts
Self-Evaluating Exercises
Self-Assessments by Modules
Complementary Videos and Audios
Attention of doubts via email
Free Coaching for Students
Spanish Course Topics based on the European Council levels
The courses are extensible for up to a maximum of 3 years (additional
monthly fee)
Direct Contact with Native Spanish Speakers for Conversational Exchanges