Spanish for Foreigners Level B2
180 Hours of Content + 4 Hours of Conversation
3 Months to Complete your Studies
Access to the Campus with Chat, Boards and much more.
160 minutes of Skype Lessons with your Teacher or 4 hours in 3 months.
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Coming soon
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What will you learn with our courses?
- Correct grammar and spelling of the Spanish language
- Start expressing yourself in Spanish or improve your speech if you
already have a level of Spanish
- Acquire all the necessary skills in Spanish for whatever purpose(s) you desire
180 total hours of content
24x7 Access to the Campus
Tutor to attend all your doubts
Self-Evaluating Exercises
Self-Assessments by Modules
Complementary Videos and Audios
Attention of doubts via email
160 minutes of Conversation with a Tutor via Skype or 4 Hours in 3 months
Free Coaching for Students
Spanish Course Topics based on the European Council levels
The courses are extensible for up to a maximum of 3 years (additional
monthly fee)
Direct Contact with Native Spanish Speakers for Conversational Exchanges
When studying a language, it is necessary to progressively acquire skills as the learning process consolidates on the way to its mastering. This applies to Spanish as a second language, requiring
that the training be advanced and expanded constantly, thus obtaining greater proficiency of the terms, resources and strategies offered by the new language.