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    La Rioja is : Spanish, Wine, Culture and Gastronomy

    Discover La Rioja

    The County of Wine

    Wine in La Rioja region of Spain is not just a drink, it is a sharedculture. In La Rioja wine culture is everywhere,, the conversations in the parks, the life of the people, the news in the media, all revolve
    around this flagship product. Wine is a way of life that you can experience during your visit here.

    Even if you don't know anything about wine, even if you don't like to drink it, wine tourism is an activity you will definitely enjoy. You can visit a vineyard to learn about the process done in the vineyards, practice sports among the vineyards, experience the grape treading or the work of a winegrower. Of course you can visit a winery, or two, or three ... in La Rioja we have more than 80 wineries opened to tourist, from more than 500 totaling in the community.


    You can admire the treasures of the wine museum and also take a wine-tasting course. Wine can be shared with the best companion: gastronomy. A unique experience is to enjoy a paired menu in a wine cellar, each dish with its unique wine flavor. But wine tourism experience does not end there, you can enjoy wine even without drinking it, with a relaxing “wine-therapy” treatment, taking advantage of the antioxidant powers of La Rioja grapes.

    Discover Gastronomy

    Enjoy little pleasures.

    Although it is unquestionable that La Rioja has many attractions, the most visited place in this region is a “Logroñesa” street: “Calle Laurel”, an interesting place with a bar at each door and in which
    each bar has a gastronomic specialty, and of course with the best Rioja wine to accompany.

    Do not miss the typical “Champi del Soriano” or the “Ángel”. There is even a technique to eat this skewer without getting stained (You have to take out the stick from the bottom of the bread). There are also other classic skewers such as “Bravas del Jubera” or “Setas del Cid”. There are some with very curious names like: “Matirmonios del Blanco y Negro”(Black and White Marriages), “las Zapatillas”(The Slippers), or the heart-shaped “Valentines de Villarrica”, and the “Tío Agus”.


    In San Agustín there is also a historical place: “El Soldado de Tudelilla”(The soldier of Tudelilla) and its salads, or “Los Rotos” of one of its neighbors in front. The list is huge and it is very difficult to stand out one from another, and it is also difficult to choose, although each Rioja site has their favorites and essentials. If you decide to stop by, let yourself be recommended by the groups of friends that you will find enjoying the pleasant atmosphere every day.

    And it is that the “Pinchos” or “Tapas”(Skewers) are a tradition in La Rioja. Meeting friends for a walk and eating the specialties of each bar is a ritual repeated almost daily. “Laurel” Street has been
    greatly expanded in recent years and already covers adjacent streets such as “San Agustin” Street.
    For a more at-home like atmosphere and less tourist-bustling place, there is an alternative possibility, “Calle San Juan”. In this street there are always renewed bars with a gastronomic offer of a lifetime
    and many other new premises with modern or classic specialties for all tastes.


    Also in other Riojan towns such as Calahorra or the Herradura area in Haro you can find quality skewers and routes to explore the gastronomy in all its splendor. Other Activities that will complete a fantastic week in Spain and that simultaneously make your improvement of the Spanish language language a very pleasant experience are:

    Visits to the Wineries with local Gastronomy offers.
    Visits to the most beautiful and picturesque villages.
    Wine tastings of the different varieties in the area.
    Guided visits to Logroño and its most emblematic Tapas (skewers) bars.

    Culture in Essence

    Take a Break: Learn Spanish in Logroño

    We want to offer you a week in Spain that will be unforgettable,
    that's why La Rioja, the cradle where the most authentic Spanish is
    spoken, can offer you so much more than just learning the language, we
    can guarantee that you will always want to return!

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